Corporate Profile We will contribute to the world through Cutting-edge Technologies for the Reduction of Atmospheric Pollution & Greenhouse Gases causing Global Warming.

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About Lenz

Company name Lenz Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.
Establishment February 22, 2007
Address 1810-2 Nippa-cho Kouhoku-ku Yokohamashi Kanagawa
223-0057 Japan
Capital 234,050,000 Yen
President Taro Sawada
Line of business Research, development, manufacture and sale of systems for reducing air pollution and global warming
Research, development, manufacture and sale of energy
Trading of global warming / greenhouse gas emission credits
Patents Obtained patents relating to exhaust gas-reduction technology for diesel engines
Phone +81-45-642-7411
Fax +81-45-642-7412
Affiliates S&S Engineering Co., Ltd.

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