Corporate Profile We will contribute to the world through Cutting-edge Technologies for the Reduction of Atmospheric Pollution & Greenhouse Gases causing Global Warming.

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Brand Strategy

To resolve the problems of air pollution and global warming, the selective efforts of individual countries are not enough. Instead, all countries must work together to overcome this monumental challenge. At Lenz our mission is to introduce and disseminate, throughout the world, these cutting-edge technologies, which are designed to solve environmental issues on a global scale. So that more people will learn about our retrofit exhaust gas-reduction technology for diesel engine, we have given the technology the brand name “RefExh” (pronounced “ree-fex”). We will use this name across the world in our global business efforts involving this system. The “RefExh” name combines “Refresh” and “Exhaust” to represent our commitment to “refreshing,” or cleaning, exhaust gas.

Brand Strategy

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