Corporate Profile We will contribute to the world through Cutting-edge Technologies for the Reduction of Atmospheric Pollution & Greenhouse Gases causing Global Warming.

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The twenty-first century is said to be the century of the environment. Industrialization, which began with the Industrial Revolution in England late in the eighteenth century, gave rise to capitalism and thereby transformed the world. Indeed, the world has become a much better place for mankind. However, industrialization has also caused environmental damage around the globe, and has in the process posed a new threat to humankind. We are now at an important crossroads. The human race may even face extinction unless we solve the most critical environmental problems. This is the negative legacy we have inherited from past generations that lived through periods of industrialization.

The key to solving environmental issues is to reduce the presence of greenhouse gases (mainly CO2) associated with global warming, along with other air pollutants (such as PM, or particulate matter, and NOx, or nitrogen oxides). It is urgent that we find ways to make diesel engines operate more cleanly.

We at Lenz Environmental Resources therefore consider it our mission to disperse cutting-edge Japanese technologies to other countries and thereby help solve these pressing environmental issues. Accordingly, on December 1, 2007 we acquired patents on the retrofit exhaust gas-reduction technology for diesel engines, as developed by S&S Engineering Co., Ltd., the company founded by Shinichiro Sakurai. This technology stands out even in Japan, a country that has seen considerable success in the reduction of air pollutants such as PM and NOx.

It is critical, if mankind wishes to continue enjoying the benefits of industrialization through the consumption of natural resources, that each and every one of us becomes active in solving the environmental issues that now threaten our planet.

We hope this technology will help solve the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced, and that it will allow us to pass on a cleaner environment to future generations.

Lenz Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. President Taro Sawada

Lenz Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. President Taro Sawada

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