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Ball Mill

Lenz starts the development of the crusher which I applied an original nanotechnology technique to.

We deal with the development of the crushers such as ball mills as part of new materials development.
We classify the most suitable particle size design to the characteristic of material and the device into the field of vision.

Lenz ball mill completion image

Application of nanotechnology few to existing crushing equipment

The ball mill puts a crush sample and an iron ball in a rotary pipe and turns a pipe and crushes it by an iron ball and the collision of the sample minutely in comparison with a general crusher.
We examine application of few nanotechnology to existing crushing equipment.

Crush image by the nanotechnology

Table Concentrator

Table concentrator(Table specific gravity jigger)

Separation technology of a particle using the weight is making a shake table mechanism using the Wilfley board or/and James boards at USA.

Lenz ball mill completion image

Separate particles according to specific gravity by using water flow and grooves (or undulation) on the table.
Particles with heavy specific gravity are collected at the edge of the table due to the shape and vibration of the groove, and particles with a small specific gravity are collected to the waste liquid layer by jumping over the groove by water flow.

Lenz is developing with the aim of improving efficiency by optimizing micro vibration and fluid adjustment, clear separation of concentrate and tail ore utilizing knowledge about fine particle characteristics and electronic control technology.

Made use of knowledge and the electronic control technology about fine particles properties, and Lenz was optimized; slightly vibrate; and aimed at fluid adjustment, pure ore and the high efficiency by the clear separation with the sorting thing of the low dignity; develop it.

The gold ore fine particles which were separated by a current(Figure of image)

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