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Privacy Policy

Our protection for Personal Information Policies are following:

Article 1. Definition of Personal Information

“Personal Information” is the information for a person who is alive, which could be distinguished from others by the name, the birth date, and the written description included in the related information for that person, and it could be easily collated to the other information so that other person could identify the person.

Article 2. Collection and Use of the Personal Information

Our company collects Personal Information only for our limited purpose. And, the use of the Personal Information will not deviate from the collection purpose.

Article 3. Management and Protection of Personal Information

We will never disclosure or provide the Personal Information Data to a third party unless we obtain the permission from the Customer. And we do the appropriate treatment for the Personal Information to prevent unlawful computer access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.

Article 4. Conformity to the Laws and Regulations

Our Company conforms to the Laws and Regulations regarding Personal Information that we have.

Article 5. Continuance Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management and Mechanism

Our company executes the Continuance Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management and Mechanism.

Article 6. Disclosure Claim

When the disclosure of Personal Information is requested, only the person can disclose his or her information by our prescribed procedure. If you find an inaccuracy or mistake in the content, we will correct and update your information immediately. And we may ask for a commission, thank you for your cooperation.

Article 7. Change in Privacy Policy

We will inform you in an updated website when we change the Collected Personal Information, Use of the Personal Information, or our Privacy Policy.

Lenz Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.
President Taro Sawada
Establishment Date: April, 15th. 2008

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