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Basic Principle

RefExh is advanced technology that generates adjustable emulsion fuel via computer control,according to the conditions in which the vehicle is being driven.

RefExh works with an adjustable emulsion fuel-generation system installed on the vehicle. This system uses a computer to detect the driving condition of each vehicle, regardless of its operating environment, and generates emulsion fuel based on an optimized mixing ratio of diesel fuel and water. This state-of-the-art technology can dramatically reduce PM/NOx, something that couldn’t be done with traditional emulsion fuels whose diesel fuel and water ratios are fixed.

RefExh changes theway we think about emulsion.

Adjustable Emulsion Fuel

Adjustable emulsion fuel is a new type of fuel generated by emulsifying diesel fuel, water and emulsifier based on sophisticated technology. The generation of NOx is substantially reduced by lowering the peak combustion temperature using the water content in the fuel. The slight explosion of water resulting from higher water content promotes mixing of emulsion fuel and oxygen, which in turn enhances combustion while suppressing the generation of PM (soot).

Adjustable Emulsion Fuel


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