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System Overview

RefExh processes the exhaust gas from the diesel engine in a comprehensive way by combining a post-processing filter (DPF) with a system that uses electronic control to generate adjustable emulsion fuel according to the vehicle’s driving conditions. The RefExh system can be installed without the need to modify any part of the engine. Even after this clean technology is incorporated with the engine, the vehicle remains in its original condition.

The controller is the brain of RefExh. It issues a command to the supply unit by instantly determining the various driving conditions and determining the optimal mixing ratio for any particular situation.

The supply unit employs highly advanced nanotechnology to emulsify diesel fuel, water and emulsifier based on commands from the controller, and then sends the generated adjustable emulsion fuel to the engine.

The adjustable emulsion fuel from the supply unit reduces the NOx right in the engine’s combustion chamber, where it originates.

The post-processing filter (DPF) removes PM and other unwanted substances from the exhaust gas, which already contains less NOx due to the positive action of the emulsion fuel.

System Overview


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