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Technical Features

RefExh reduces PM and NOx.

With RefExh a computer instantly determines the various driving conditions and constantly adjusts the emulsion fuel to properly satisfy the vehicle’s driving environment. It’s a state-of-the-art environmental technology capable of simultaneously reducing PM and NOx, which are known causes of air pollution and acid rain.

RefExh requires no infrastructure.

The RefExh vehicle is fitted with a new fuel-generation system based on cutting-edge nanotechnology. Accordingly, no infrastructure (in the form of refueling stations) is needed, in contrast to conventional fixed-ratio emulsion fuels.

RefExh maintains the proper level of power.

RefExh uses a computer to automatically control fuel over its entire work cycle, doing so from the moment the engine is started until it is stopped. Because the system generates adjustable emulsion fuel, which reflects the actual condition more accurately than conventional fixed-ratio emulsion fuels, the engine continues to produce the correct level of power.

RefExh improves practical fuel economy.

The adjustable emulsion fuel generated by RefExh has its water content controlled according to the driving condition of the vehicle. Accordingly, RefExh improves the actual fuel economy compared to other traditional diesel fuels. (Based on test results of RefExh-fitted vehicles)

RefExh extends the life of the engine and engine oil.

RefExh reduces to an absolute minimum the generation of soot from adjustable emulsion fuel. Consequently, the engine oil does not become dirty and will last approximately twice as long. The life of the engine is extended as well. Indeed, RefExh is a vehicle-friendly technology.

RefExh is free from rusting.

RefExh is equipped with a control system that considers all possible uses of the engine and fuel, including the cleaning mode. Because the engine fuel line is cleaned only with diesel fuel, the engine will never rust.

Technical Features


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